Life is like a door to open and close it…

Life is like a door to open and close it I heard it from a 90-year-old old man.

The change of perspective of seeing causes that we can see something what has so far been covered. For me, such a striking moment was the discovery that it was not the goal itself, but the path to this goal. I always thought that life was a struggle and you would have to make some efforts to finally reach a beautiful age and look back and say that you are succeeded. I clenched my teeth and went forward. I have achieved successive stages of my life and I spoke ufff. The goals were achieved. And so I reached the age of 30 years old and I thought as my grandfather said: it quickly passed by. There is only one problem: I’m not entirely satisfied with this run for trophies. I feel that part of my life goes too fast. You know what it is like when you have a big challenge ahead, a project with a clearly marked goal, a sales plan to for the next month, a financial plan for the company, a performance and preparation for the zero point. Time goes in some tension and expectation. And, when everything goes in accordance with a plan, you can shout I did it!

When they invite us to perform on a television program due to be held in a week, we live and we dedicate energy and thoughts until the day of the performance. There would be nothing wrong with that, except that by looking at this whole week I can say that in the course of it I really did not live – another period was cut out of my memoirs. My thoughts were elsewhere and everything apart from the performance goes into the background and it was not a pleasant time.

I remember when friends persuaded us to go canoeing. I and my wife got into our canoe and paddled behind the peloton. Unfortunately, our group consisted of passionate people who had GPS, measured their heart rate and hit records. And our canoe turned to the right and left, my wife screamed at me and I screamed at her and what’s worse, as we looked forward the lake it did not have an end and when looking at the sides we didn’t see that we moved. As soon as we reached the end of the lake we screamed „yea”, but we passed through the weeds and we saw another lake, another fight. What happens when you reach one goal and there is usually the second goal and again the race and again and again. Look at the sales plans, they appear periodically. After a while the tension of the new target will appear and the joy of the previous one will fall.

We abandoned the canoe after the first day and returned home and I want to quit out of a life where satisfaction escapes from it by the fact that there are periods of sacrifice for instant satisfaction from the achieved goal.

Since life goes so fast, I set myself one task: I must learn to rejoice not from the goal but from the path to achieve it. I lost my time on a canoe trip, because I could not enjoy canoeing, I just focused on finishing the stage. And it doesn’t mean to refuse to set goals because they are needed to achieve more but also the ability to enjoy the times when we work for this purpose.

About 200 days in a year I spend time in the environment with salesmen, customer advisers, sales managers etc. And on this ground I see the greatest need to remodel the approach to reality. I have a group of 16 people, whose income came from selling and when asking them who likes to sell – there is usually one hand. So we like to reach the goal, but looking for the customer and persuading to buy a product, i.e. the way to the goal is already something uncomfortable. We meet people who when they think about the phone to the customer they have dizziness and even reflex. Such people usually do not go to work – they go to the labor. This is because work in the sale is a work of listening to the client’s objections, abolishing his refusal and overcoming rejection. When you take sales initiative, usually no one waits for you, active sale has pretty brutal setting where it seems that the customer does not like how he sells something because he often doesn’t buy it. As you look at your life, you also react like someone walks in the street and offers perfumes, so you usually don’t buy it. The customer often doesn’t buy something and this often strikes in his sense of value and there appear the symptoms, which were described above. Then, the following thoughts appear in the seller’s head: they do not need my products, sale is a hassle, we are too expensive, etc. On the other hand, when we ask the same people who previously we ask who likes buying, the vast majority raises their hands, which means that the sale can also look optimistic. On the one hand, people are such strange creatures that declare that they do not like when something is sold them, but on the other hand, they love buying. So, the sale is a form of help to meet one of the needs that people have – the need to buy, to own something new or the need to have a choice. Depending on how you see a sale, you either keep on at the seller or meet your needs. Of course, people, who believe that their work helps someone, are more effective in selling.

In order to help someone, appropriate skills are needed. And in this place, the world of sales is turned on its head, because the salesmen do not see it. The seller is working on sales focusing on getting a certain result because achieving the goal gives him a sense of security. He will keep the job, feed the family and pay the rent for his desired apartment. So having a job or your own flat is supposed to give him a sense of security. It is a mistake and a delusion! Today, you have a job, but you don’t know what will happen tomorrow, today you have an apartment and tomorrow the frank will cost 10 zloty and ………… .. Well, the world is changing and the environment is moving and many unprepared people are afraid of a change, which can put us in a difficult situation. To get a sense of security you need to invest not in an apartment, but only in skills. Regardless of whether the economic situation is going down or up or whether you are here or elsewhere, but if you “know something concrete” you will always need it. If you work in sales then your work tools are sales skills as the plumber’s tools are the keys and the internist needs a stethoscope. Then you can feel safe because you are a professional in what you do.

You know what you did that the customer bought something and can recognize what happened that you did not sell it, you know what you should do at the moment for the customer to take the next step – you are a conscious seller. And unfortunately, the sellers usually are intuitively active, so part of the sales potential simply escapes. The essence of the work of people who have income from the sale is to convince another person to buy a product, but they very often do not have the basic tools! They take care of different things and do not care about the basis of their professional work. It is often the case that potential customers are better trained than those who influence them. The market is no longer the same as before the crisis, the customer turns in a buck two times before deciding to spend money. You sell or manage the sale – what are you waiting for? You need to grow.

Now we should consider what tools are needed in the sale. If we look at sales from the other side, then we can notice that it has a clear structure based on the seller’s next assignment.

At first, he must find the customer, then explore his needs, present the offer in such a way as to convince the customer, overcome objections and finalize the purchase. At each of these stages there are specific techniques that can be applied so that the customer behaves as we expect.



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