Price Defense Technique: Aikido

So, we know (from article: “It is too expensive – Why are afraid of this?”)that the objection is the “clients ready purchase” symptom. It is only a dissonance which is created when two pieces of information cause the conflicting emotions. On the one hand is the rating offer and a client thinks that it is a good proposition (it evokes positive feelings) and on the other hand is the price – this part of proposition evokes negative feelings.

If you have a similar situation, you are looking forward for an advisor who will tell you what is better. This is seemingly an ideal situation for you because you want to convince the customer that it is worthwhile to spend more money.

But there is a problem that we react to clients words, (i.e. “it’s too expensive” ) in a bad way.

The first of ways is classified like a quarrel – for example:

If a client said “it is too expensive“, a sales representative can answer:

  • yes but it is of a good quality

(The problem is with the word “but”. If you use this word, the client thinks that you rebuttal with him. This is associated like that because we usually use “but” for a quarrel. / I don’t have anything against “women drivers” but … / After this sentence you know that I have something against.)

  • Why do you think so ?

(The problem is that every answer is against you)

  • – I don’t agree with you

(It is the opposition to client’s words so you will make that client defense his statement)

  • – Good product have to have a high price.

(The problem is that a client feels that you treat him like a fool)


Everything what can be received by a client like a quarrel, denial or proving that they are wrong, can result in client’s defense of their statement and the opinion that you are stressed because you wanted to push him.

On the other hand, you can knock the price but it will be a wrong action. If a client gets a discount very fast, then they will feel that they want more (this is a wide topic of the “price negotiations rules” and I will describe everything separately).

So, what are we supposed to do?

You can use the so called Aikido answer.

First and foremost,  you can make that client want your product or services (How? read: “How can you describe your product or service…”)

Then you can defense the price but you cannot quarrel and you cannot reduce the price.

Aikido (this method is very good for the offers with /USP/ “unique selling proposition”. We would like to show the client that their opinion about the price is really an argument for a positive purchase decision).

1. At the begining you have to say “you are right” – you are an advisor, you accept clients feelings. This will be a surprise for a client because they always hear the reaction that is some kind of quarrel.

2. Next you should say: “it is not the lowest price” – In this case you use the “no” word. This word is bypassed by a brain and therefore, it is focused on the rest of the sentence. For example: Do not think about hot coffee and tea. It is not possible. You imaged coffee and tea because those are the only things contained by the image.

It means that in the sentence “it is not the lowest price” the customer’s attention is directed to the words with the positive emotional associations.

3. “That is why” this phrase changes a client’s thinking. You show that price is not the argument against purchase but for it. Their brain begins to see that thanks to the price this product or service is valuable for them.

4. The “key argument” – you give the key effect given by your services or products which is important for clients.

for example:

  • too expensive shoes for jogging:

Yes, right it is not the lowest price but that is why you will achieve the new record results, and your joints will be healthy. It is a good investment.

  • too expensive floor panels:

Yes, you are right, it is not the lowest price but that is why if you look at this floor after  5 years of using it, it will look like the one in the shop. It is a very strong product.

  • too expensive sales training:

Yes, you are right, it is not the lowest investment but that is why there is a good practice trainer with effective solutions. It will bring ROI.


Full Aikido scheme:

You are right + it is not the lowest price + That is why + key argument


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