The most important thing – if you want to be safe…

The first thing and desire that you feel every day when you open your eyes is “the sense of security”. You think: “is my family safe?”. This is natural. If I ask people the question: “what are you looking for in your life”, the answer is very often “I would like to have stabilization”. The stabilization is associated with the sense of security because it means you can do the same what you know and you have some kind of order in your life, you know what you can expect.

People look for a stable work and collect wealth, for example in the eastern Europe and the US people aspire to have their own flat or house because it provides the sense of security.


Today you have got a job, tomorrow it will change. Americans in 2008 lost a lot of houses and what happened to their sense of security? The work and house do not give any real safety because they do not resist changes. The stabilization do not exist because the world is dynamic and everything changes, e.g. the market. You cannot base your security on the things that are independent of you .

What can you do to be safe? The answer is simple, you have to focus on your skills. Only skills will give you the true sense of security because even if you lose your job but you have good skills, you will find the next job very fast.

So, develop your skills and sleep good !


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