“It is too expensive!” -Why are we afraid of this ?


“It is too expensive !!!!”

Why are we afraid of this sentence ?

This sentence is terrible for a lot of people. We feel disappointed and angry.

The situation is that you have examined the needs and after this you chose a product for a client, and you know that this product is suitable (the same process is when you sale services). You described the product to the client in such a good way that you know that the client understood this product is perfect for them. And at this moment the client says “it is too expensive”.

WHY does the clients say it?

There are a lot of reasons.

– They negotiate

-They try to recognize whether it is possible to get something more

– They saw something cheaper

– They thought that it will be cheaper (so they have a lower budget)

– They have the custom of saying “it is too expensive”


It is very good news because none of these reasons rule the possibility of selling. The client does not say “it is too expensive” because they do not want to buy – the client says it when they want to buy! Each of these reasons above is created because the product is accepted by the client and at now they think about the price and value. The objection is a selling signal.

This situation is like that when a woman would like to find new boots to buy. First she talks about it with her husband and he allows for it in case she does not exceed 200 Euros budget.

She goes shopping and she notices that in one of the shops are boots with a good design. The same model have Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba, even Ronaldo wears these boots :). She grabs them and feels that it is something like the destination because even the size fits (it is a very rare situation because these shoes have the size of 11) :). She tries them immediately and the first thing that she feels is the big pleasure resulting from convenience. She images that she is on holidays and walks on dolphinarium and strangers come to her and tell the opinion that she is the only one deserving the title of “true seals” in the area :). And she looks on the label with the price and there is 300 Euros. It is too expensive. Will she buy these boots?

Maybe yes maybe no – it is not the most important. The most important is what she has in her mind, there is a true objection. And as you see, this mental condition is present because she want these shoes – but the price is different than she wanted. If you look for the shoes and you look at the model with terrible appearance – will you consider the price? NO! So there is no chance for the objection if the product is not attractive for you. That is the reason why you have to be happy if somebody says “it is too expensive” – probably they accepted your product and that is why they think about the value of this product.

It is normal and it is a good symptom.

What should you do ? The next article is about it.




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