How can you describe your product or service to evoke the desire to possess it?

How can you convince somebody to do something? The best technique in the world step by step.

There are two ways to convince somebody to buy something. The first one is based on rational arguments and the second one is based on emotional arguments. Which do you think the client prefers? Which can you sell more effectively: goods or services?

Some people say that it depends on the kind of goods, others say that it is dependent on the gender of the client, but the truth is that our decisions are always based on the same thing:our emotions. It is independent of the kind of goods or gender because they are common human features. We always decide with our emotions even if we buy a screw – that is why in a shop there are a lot of similar screws from different producers at different prices. Sometimes a decision-making factor is the packaging, sometimes the producer`s logo, sometimes prices. But even if you decide to buy the cheapest thing, you feel fear, because you are afraid that it will be an inferior product and therefore, this choice is not simple.

According to B.Tracy, we buy in an emotional way and then we rationally justify this decision.

For example: You are a woman and you bought a handbag. You think: “I bought a beautiful handbag, and I paid only 200 Euro…. What ?! Oh my God, I paid 200 Euro, this is terrible, he (e.g. husband) is going to kill me… But hold on, this handbag is made of leather, so it will be good for two seasons so  it really only costs 100 euro, not  200 Euro and it matches these grey shoes so I don’t have to buy a new pair and that is why the true cost of this handbag is 50 Euro”. I know that it is possible to lower prices in a person’s mind to 10 Euro :).

And how do we try to sell something? The majority of people know that a client buys in an emotional way, but the same people at the same time try to sell in a rational way.

I’ll give you a simple and universal technique to sell some goods/services or convince somebody to do something.

It is called “FAB”.

The letter “F” means feature. So this is something that you can express very precisely and concretely like: size, weight, ingredients etc. Something that you can express by a number or technical name.

And I know that a salesman uses these features very often. If you go to a shop to buy a TV set, then a salesman will encourage you to buy it with the use of its features.

-“Which one should I buy?”

-“I recommend this one”

– “Why?”

– “Because this TV set has 2x hdmi, 200 hz, full hd, wifi…etc.”

Are you convinced? Is it exciting for you? No ! Now you feel that you should compare more models. You can resign and go home to look for some site containing comparisons on the Internet. Features do not encourage people to buy because features are connected with rationality.

Fortunately, there is the second letter in “FAB”. “A” means an advantage. This is a positive answer to the question: “What advantage does this product have?”. A salesman who uses an “advantage language”, says about his product that it is: nice, modern, effective, efficient etc. A client does not believe this. The problem is that a client has heard it everywhere and about everything. Do you know somebody who would describe his product as not good or not effective? These days everything is nice, good, efficient, beautiful etc. That is why a client does not believe it. You should throw away the advantages if you want to make a client believe you.

As you suspected, the most important letter is “B”. It means a benefit. This is an answer to questions: “What do I get by this?”, “How does it help me?” And benefits are related to a client’s emotions. Every time when you describe a product or services, tell about characteristics and you present a lot of features then a client asks himself (in his mind): what do I get through it? And If you do not answer this, then a client can realize that this offer is too rich for him (because there is too much content which de facto they do not understand).

To sum up: If you want to sell something to somebody (or convince somebody to do something), you have to take one feature and tell what this feature gives to a client and then take another feature and tell what this feature gives to a client (etc. three, four times or more – it is dependent on the offer and the degree of the complexity of a product).







You have to skip the advantage because it does not help to convince a client. On the other hand you have to remember that the feature stands before the benefit, because the benefit alone is not reliable.

For example: “…this vacuum cleaner will make you healthy”. This is not reliable because there is no evidence for that and a client does not know where the source of his health is.

The feature gives the evidence and if you add it, everything is understandable , e.g. : “…this vacuum cleaner has got a water filter which means that it stops 99 % of dust, therefore it makes you healthy and it minimalizes the risk of allergy in your family”.

Finally a full example:

(Situation: You are a salesman working in a shop with the bathroom equipment. You examined a client’s needs and you are offering a shower cabin.)

“…I offer this cabin to you.

– This cabin is made of  tempered glass so if somebody, e.g a child, hits it with something hard,the glass will be destroyed into thousands of pieces so there is no risk of injury, blood, etc. Each part can be always bought and replaced, safety is the most important thing.

– There is a chemical “anticalc” cover. Due to that water does not react with the glass and no lime remains on the glass. After  taking your shower, it will be as clean as the one on the exhibition. You will save on cleaning chemical substances and you will avoid the suffering connected with cleaning.

– The manufacturer has applied snail hinges so when a door moves to close, they collapse and everything is tight. The water stays inside. You will not use a rag to take water from the floor.

– This construction is without a frame. Here it is only glass and hinges. This causes your bathroom to be visually bigger and the patterns on the walls will be more exposed. There will be a pleasant climate.

What do you think about it?”



I am going to write soon how to increase the benefits in the best way because there are some very important ones for possible influences.


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